Monday, January 17, 2011

Started working on a denim jean skirt.

Well, I did take action. Started something. It wasn't something simple, if you are a beginning sewer, but since I have been behind a sewing machine since I was 10, (which gives me some 40 + years experience,), it is a simple project for me.

I got the side panels in as you can see in the image below, but it is a 4 panel jean skirt and I wanted to make it extra long. I am having trouble finding the matching color of jeans for the center panels (above) so i guess it won't be finished tonight.
But I did actually get off my but and get something done and I am proud of myself for that. If I keep posting here and get some followers encouraging me, it might help me stay on top of things.

Winters are hard for me, in the summer my ice cream truck keeps me moving but in the winter I tend to hibernate, (literally, sleeping way too much!).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I decided it is time to get back to sewing regularly.

I spend more time hunting for sewing tutorials than I actually do behind my sewing machine. I have all these big ideas and then I never seem to follow through on them.

I am really frustrated. I have several ideas and tons of material and no money to live on for me and my kids. I need to follow through on my ideas and get an etsy shop going and sell my creations. I don't quite understand my lack of ambition and motivation.

My website is down because I am behind on hosting fees. That could be an excuse. But with websites like blogger and that is only an excuse there are definitely ways for me to advertise and sell what I create.

So starting today I decided to start out by sewing something simple. Thus the name of this new blog. Everyday I am going to make it a goal to sew at least one simple thing. Hopefully that will motivate and lead me to more difficult things as well.

Please follow me, comment and encourage me if you can relate at all to my frustrations today.